Learn how to get the most of of Parish Online, from logging in to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

Getting Started

Using Bookmarks

Learn how to save frequently visited locations and to prepare maps for presentations or meetings...

Category: Getting Started

Using Layers

Learn how to access and view the map layers in your Parish Online account and how to use the...

Category: Getting Started

Using the Navigation Controls

Learn how to move the map to show the area you want, to zoom in and out and set the map to a...

Category: Getting Started

An overview of Parish Online

A brief overview of the main Parish Online interface and how to access all the tools and features...

Category: Getting Started

Login to Parish Online

Learn how to login to your Parish Online account

Category: Getting Started


Search for a location

Use the coordinates search tool to locate a point on the map with British National Grid, Ordnance...

Category: Searching

Search for an Address

Learn how to use the OS AddressBase Premium search tool to locate addresses on the map, view...

Category: Searching

Search for a Village, Town or Parish

Learn how to use the Place Name search tool to locate a village, town or parish area on the map.

Category: Searching


Adding objects using the Editor tool

Following on from the tutorial on creating a new custom layer - learn how to use the Editor tool...

Category: Creating and Editing Data

Create a new custom layer

Learn how to create your own layer from scratch, including setting up column/field name...

Category: Creating and Editing Data

Create a new layer from a template

To be able to start creating and adding your own information into Parish Online you will need to...

Category: Creating and Editing Data


Creating a mailing list

Use the data extract tool to get a list of postal addresses for a specified area of interest  

Category: Exporting Maps & Information

Using the Print Tool

Export your maps to a PDF document or Image file using the Print tool  

Category: Exporting Maps & Information

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