Learn how to get the most of of Parish Online, from logging in to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

Getting Started

Learn how to login to your Parish Online account

A brief overview of the main Parish Online interface and how to access all the tools and features required to get started 

Learn how to move the map to show the area you want, to zoom in and out and set the map to a specific scale


Learn how to access and view the map layers in your Parish Online account and how to use the info-click tool to view the attribute (text) information attached to each object displayed on the map.


Learn how to save frequently visited locations and to prepare maps for presentations or meetings using the bookmarks tool.


Learn how to use the Place Name search tool to locate a village, town or parish area on the map.

Learn how to use the OS AddressBase Premium search tool to locate addresses on the map, view address record details and download a list of addresses.

Use the coordinates search tool to locate a point on the map with British National Grid, Ordnance Survey Grid Reference or Latitude and Longitude coordinates. The coordinates search tool also allows you to set the width of the are being shown on



Learn how to add objects to a layer using the Editor Tool

How to edit the shape and attribution information of existing objects using the Editor Tool

Remove objects from your layers using the Editor Tool

 The styling tool can be used to change the way objects are shown on the map

To be able to start creating and adding your own information into Parish Online you will need to set-up layers in your account that you can then add to and edit using the Editor Tool. 

In this tutorial we show you how to create a new



Export your maps to a PDF document or Image file using the Print tool


Use the data extract tool to get a list of postal addresses for a specified area of interest


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