Northamptonshire CALC - Parish Online Training

Northamptonshire CALC - Parish Online Training

Parish Online will be hosting an online training session in partnership with Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils.


What you will learn

This training programme will give you the confidence to start using digital mapping software in your local council. The software will help you save time and money and increase the professionalism and good-running of the council.



Thursday 25th March 2021



On Zoom. When you click the link it will open up your Web Browser.

Once you're connected we'd recommend muting your microphone (this is a good first test to see if you can find the button for it!).

We'd love to see your faces so if you've got a webcam you can enable this if you like.



Morning Session (10:00 - 11:30)

  • Introduction to Parish Online
  • How it's used in Local Councils
  • Examples from other Local Councils
  • Common Tasks
    • Viewing different maps
    • Recording an Asset Register
    • Creating your own maps
    • Styling a layer
    • Producing printouts
  • Data sharing with Hampshire Council
  • Q&A

Afternoon Session (13:00 - 14:30)

  • Quick recap of morning session
  • Advanced Tasks
    • Sharing Parish Online with colleagues
    • Styling
    • Configuring layers
    • Data extract
    • Public Map
  • Q&A



By joining this training session you'll be given a 20% discount code for your Parish Online subscription, redeemable for any local council in Northamptonshire. This will stay on your subscription for every continuous year your local council subscribes to Parish Online.



Please contact NCALC for more information on pricing.


Please note - This training session is for Northamptonshire CALC members only. If you would like your local ALC to host a session, please get in contact with them.



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