Huish Episcopi add their allotments into Parish Online

Huish Episcopi add their allotments into Parish Online


There was a need to associate each allotment in Huish Episcopi with its tenant, its tenancy and its annual income.  When allotment plots were established some years ago, the demand for them grew.  In the last twenty years, the number of plots has grown from four, to thirty six. 



On takeover, the new Parish Clerk discovered that there was no plan for the allotments at all – yet it was something that her job description required her to administer.  This was done initially on paper, but on handover to her successor, she wanted to make things very much simpler. 

Some of the plots are split into two or three.  It is useful to have an overview of the layout as well as specific numbering for the area, especially when conducting the regular inspection and any communication to tenants required as a result.



We used Parish Online to plot the allotments, and allocate them to their tenants.  Initially, we turned off the OS PSGA layers, and turned on the 12.5cm APGB Aerial photography, which showed the allotments in great detail:


We then created a new polygon layer, and simply traced out each allotment on top of the photograph.  This gave us a separate record for each allotment, so that just clicking on one would bring up the tenant details:



 “Mapping the allotment has made a huge difference.  The parish councillor who is the main contact on site can access parish online and view the data. There is no need to send lengthy emails whenever a tenant changes, as the details are now held centrally.  The information is much more streamlined and very easy to maintain.

Occasionally, a plot that has been split into two is then taken on as a single plot.  A single plot is occasionally split to make it easier to let.  The benefit of Parish Online is that amendments can be performed very easily – the polygon areas can be edited and new details updated.

This information took a substantial amount of time to collate when I first took over the position two and a half years ago.  Now councillors can also view this, as frequently as they need to.

Mapping the other assets is a fantastic function.  The parish council is responsible for a bus shelter, notice boards and village signs as well as a car park and some parcels of land.  Parish Online is wonderful to collate all of this information in one place."

Lisa Newby, Clerk for Huish Episcopi



About Huish Episcopi Parish Council

Huish Episcopi is a parish in the heart of the Somerset Levels.  Surrounding Langport town. The village has grown substantially over recent years as have the allotments.  Starting at 4 plots, the area has increased in size to 36 plots, a mixture of full, half and third size areas.  The parish council is passionate about the village, and has been instrumental in providing a bus shelter for both Huish Episcopi and Langport residents, along with decorative village signs to welcome you to the parish.


 All pictures sent to us by Huish Episcopi Parish Council


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Huish Episcopi Parish Council


21 July 2020


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