Parish Online - Our Story

Parish Online is an online mapping system that has been providing up-to-date map information and a powerful set of mapping tools to more than 1,000 Parish and Town Councils across the UK for over 10 years.

Designed with the local Parish Clerk in mind, we have taken the functionality from more complex mapping systems (known as Geographic Information Systems) and put it in an easy to access, quick to learn and well supported package. That, combined with a very competitive and affordable pricing structure makes it one of the most popular mapping applications for Town and Parish Councils, with an ever increasing community of users.

From the day-to-day management of assets and answering public queries to building emergency resilence plans and neighbourhood develeopment plans, the tools and data provided help councils to make smarter, more efficient and better informed decisions.

Parish Online (GeoXphere Ltd), PO Box 6987, Basingstoke, RG24 4HQ

GeoXphere General Enquiries (note: this is not a support line): +44 (0) 2034 114 544

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